Sloth Baby Christmas Sloth Sanctuary Costa Rica

Sloth Baby Christmas! #Navidad #CostaRica

Sloth Baby Christmas Sloth Sanctuary Costa Rica

It is the Holidays around the world! This gives us an opportunity to talk about a calamity that is striking the jungles across Central and South America. We are seeing deforestation of the Amazon and the jungles of Central America at an alarming rate. The sloth baby above is adorable, but we all know it would be better if he or she was able to grow up in the wild.

The sloths of Panama, Costa Rica, Honduras and Nicaragua are not adjusting to the deforestation. The sloth is a tree dweller. It does not matter if it is a two-toed sloth like this adorable baby, a three-toed sloth or the pygmy sloths of Panama they are all under threat.

Take a drive down any road in Panama and you will see large machinery wiping out the natural habitat of the sloth and other animals like the jaguar and ocelot. Thanks to people like the owners of, “Sloth Sanctuary” in Costa Rica and “Safarick’s Zoologico” in Panama we have people attempting to save some of the displaced animals.

When You visit either Panama or Costa Rica make sure to visit the locations above and show support of the animals in our jungles. The jungle and animals like this sloth baby are what makes Panama and Costa Rica so special!


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