Paid Posting

 Paid Posting with High Impact Media Group Panama

Occasionally a client comes to us because they would like us to post something on our social media profiles. We have a reach of close to 200K. Using that reach in conjunction with engaging imagery, we can guarantee 50,000 or more views of your brand.

This service is only available to clients in Panama. We have to be careful with our brand and want to ensure that what we post reflects our brand. The post will be in Spanish and English. The post will be shared across Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook and of course Google Plus.

Why have us post on your behalf?

Randy Hilarski and Anabell Hilarski both have Google Plus and Youtube verified profiles. We are the top Google Plus profiles in Panama. When we post something our names and reputations are supporting the post. We also have our Escape to Panama brand which is growing everyday. The Panama community on Gooogle Plus recently passed 1,200 followers. When we post something on Google Plus that post will forever be available for to be found by people searching for your brand or offer.

Randy Hilarski and Anabell Hilarski are also growing in influence on Twitter. We can help you drive traffic to your offer via Twitter. Using imagery in conjuction with branding we will help spread your tweets far and wide.

Cost of Leveraging our Brand.-

We charge a flat fee of $300 per post and guarantee 50,000 or more views of your brand. The post will remain forever in Google search. Each post will be shared across the social platforms utilizing our pages.

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